October 2022

6 Minutes

Expert PHP Editor

You probably wrote your first PHP code in a standard notepad, which is available in Windows. Most likely, it was something like an echo of “Hello, world” or an echo of phpinfo(). After that, you started your HTTP server protocol (most likely, it was a properly configured Apache), opened a browser window, and wrote in the address input line http://локальный and we enjoyed the result of this script.

I agree, we […]

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8 Minutes

mobile internet is easy!

Today, almost everyone of us has a mobile phone: someone is the owner of a smartphone or a communicator, and someone has enough of an ordinary tube. But not every owner of a mobile miracle at the turn of the millennium imagines what potential lies in a small plastic box stuffed with electronics. Today we will talk about the possibilities of accessing the Internet via conventional and “smart” mobile phones, […]

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2 Minutes

Semonitor – software package for website promotion and optimization

Semonitor is a website optimization program. It consists of a set of utilities (modules), each of which is tailored to a particular SEO task.

the module “Determining positions”

Checking the site’s positions in search engines is almost an everyday task of every optimizer. Positions can also be checked manually, however, if you have several dozen keywords and 5-7 search engines that need to be monitored, then this process will be very tedious. […]

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