Input devices

A keyboard is a device designed to enter information from a user into a computer. The modern keyboard consists of 104 keys reinforced in a single case (Fig. 10). The keyboard keys are divided into six groups:



Cursor controls.




Mouse – manipulator for entering information into the computer (Fig. 11).It is necessary to work with graphics packages, drawings, when developing diagrams and when working in new operating systems. It is also desirable to have a special mouse pad, which ensures its safety and durability. The simplest and cheapest models are opto-mechanical. More expensive and reliable models of “mice” are optical. And infrared wireless mice are considered the best.

A joystick manipulator in the form of a handle with buttons mounted on a hinge, is used mainly in computer games (Fig. 12).

A scanner is a device that allows you to enter images of images presented in the form of text, drawings, slides, photographs and other graphic information into a computer. Currently, all known models can be divided into two types: manual and desktop. There are also combined devices that combine the capabilities of both.


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