December 2022

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An information storage device is a memory. Computer memory can be divided into two main groups – internal and external memory. The internal memory includes:

Random access memory (RAM);
cache memory;
Permanent storage device (ROM).

The external ones include:

hard drives;
floppy disks;
flash cards;
Optical discs (CD or DVD).

The internal memory is usually volatile, and the external one is non-volatile, respectively, i.e. data can be stored in the internal memory only if there is power. Because of […]

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External memory

Hard drive. Hard disk drives (hard drives) are designed for permanent storage of information used when working with a computer: operating system programs, frequently used software packages, document editors, etc. (Fig. 6).

Disk capacity.For the user, hard disk drives differ from each other primarily in their capacity, i.e., how much information is placed on the disk. Now computers are mostly equipped with hard drives of 80 GB or more.

The speed of […]

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Connecting devices

Between the individual components of the computer, data is transmitted through a special means of communication – a bus, which is a complexly organized group of conductors.

Only the processor and RAM are connected directly to the bus. Other devices are connected to it using special matching devices – controllers. Some of them (for example, the keyboard controller and disk controllers) are mounted directly on the motherboard. Others are located on […]

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Video card

The video adapter (video controller, video card) is designed to work in graphical mode. The main task of a modern video card is to support three-dimensional, three-dimensional graphics (3D). The additional possibility of video cards – TV tuner – reception of a television signal will never hurt. Video cards can be basically divided into two types: these are built-in (integrated) video adapters and the video cards themselves.

The capabilities of the […]

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Input devices

A keyboard is a device designed to enter information from a user into a computer. The modern keyboard consists of 104 keys reinforced in a single case (Fig. 10). The keyboard keys are divided into six groups:



Cursor controls.




Mouse – manipulator for entering information into the computer (Fig. 11).It is necessary to work with graphics packages, drawings, when developing diagrams and when working in new operating systems. It is also desirable […]

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