Semonitor – software package for website promotion and optimization

Semonitor is a website optimization program. It consists of a set of utilities (modules), each of which is tailored to a particular SEO task.

the module “Determining positions”

Checking the site’s positions in search engines is almost an everyday task of every optimizer. Positions can also be checked manually, however, if you have several dozen keywords and 5-7 search engines that need to be monitored, then this process will be very tedious. The “Position Detection” module will do all the work automatically. You will be able to get information about the ratings of your site for all keywords in various search engines, see the dynamics and history of positions (growth / decline of your site for specified keywords), see the same information in a visual graphical form.

module “External links”

The program itself will poll all available search engines and compile the most complete and duplicate-free list of external links to your resource. For each link, you will see important parameters such as the PageRank of the referring page and the link text. In addition to the general list of external links, you will be able to track their dynamics – that is, to see newly appeared and outdated links.

the module “Site indexing”

It will show all the pages indexed by a particular search engine. A necessary tool when creating a new resource. The PageRank value will be shown for each of the indexed pages.

module “Log Analyzer”

All information about your visitors (from which sites they came to your resource, which keywords they used, in which country they are located, and much more) is contained in the server log files. The log analyzer module will present all this information in convenient and visual reports.

module “Page Rank analyzer”

Defines a huge amount of competitive information about a given list of sites. Automatically determines for each site from the list parameters such as Google PageRank, Yandex TIC, the number of external links, the presence of the site in the main directories – DMOZ, Yandex and Yahoo directory. An ideal tool for analyzing the level of competition for a particular search query.

module “Keyword selection”

Selects relevant keywords for your site, reports data on their popularity (the number of requests per month), evaluates the level of competition for a particular phrase.

the “HTML Analyzer” module

Analyzes the HTML code of the page, calculates the weight and density of keywords, creates a report on the correctness of the text optimization of the site. It is used at the stage of creating your own website, as well as for analyzing competitor sites. Allows you to analyze both local HTML pages and online projects. Russian Russian supports the features of the Russian language, so it can be used for successful work with both English and Russian sites.


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